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Note: Many times, ideas don’t fit into a sequence; they simply stand alone. The following ideas are that way, and you may find some of them interesting.

1/22/2010 Just as the living forces that you exert are part of what comprises God’s will, and just as your emergent characteristics and emergent energy are part of God’s emergent characteristics and emergent energy, so too are the living forces, characteristics, and energy of every living system level.

1/22/2010 A unified field theory may never be realized, because each of the four fundamental forces may actually be emergent in nature and there may not be a predetermined relationship between them. Just as there is no fundamental relationship between the forces exerted by a bird and a fish, there may not be a mathematical equation that relates the four fundamental forces of physics to one another.

1/22/2010 Super computers will continue to improve their ability to create models that appear to represent actual reality, but they’ll never be able to accurately predict the future since living forces exist throughout the spectrum of 3-D scale and affect the net sum of all forces. For example, a computer may be able to display a beautiful slow-motion video image of a single droplet of water falling and hitting a flat surface, but the video will never exactly match how an actual droplet of water splashes onto a real surface. In fact, scientists will never be able to perform an experiment wherein two real droplets of water splash onto a flat surface in the same identical manner. The subsystems that comprise any two different water droplets will always be different, and so too will the resulting splashes.

1/22/2010 There are an infinite number of different kinds of emergent forces in the universe, and an infinite number of associated force fields. Some of those forces emerge from system levels that are more “alive” than others. All forces add to form the net sum and control the path of reality. Currently, it’s extremely difficult for mankind to determine which system levels are living and which are not. A broad new field of physics is coming, and it's going to be about the discovery of "living forces" and identifying, quantifying, and measuring how those forces propagate.

1/22/2010 How far do you have to move away from zero, to not actually be at zero? The answer is 1/n, which isn’t very far. (Wherein "n" is a very large number.) How many system levels in the universe don’t exert at least 1/n of living forces? Perhaps all system levels are at least a little bit alive and exert at least 1/n of living forces into the net sum.

1/22/2010 How do you know when a system level that’s higher than your own (e.g., the Earth) is exerting living forces? If a higher level system is exerting living forces that add into the net sum in real time, and if those forces are generated in fields that you cannot relate to, then you won’t perceive of them. The only thing you’ll experience is the result of the net sum of forces after those living forces have already transcended to common lower-level force fields. It’s a human reference problem.

1/22/2010 Pure square waves don’t exist in reality, they only exist as ideas in peoples’ minds. Whenever things change in physical reality, they do so over a period of time. Nothing changes instantaneously (i.e., with zero passage of time). So when something emerges, it does so over a period of time—as a function of time. For example, a thought doesn’t emerge in your mind in a square wave fashion—a step function, it does so over a period of milliseconds.

1/22/2010 Website logo: The multi-colored background represents the beautiful emergent characteristics that exist across the spectrum of God. The black arrows represent the component forces associated with each point of emergence that God emerges across. The long green arrow represents the net sum of all forces, the will of God, the direction of the ascent of life.

1/22/2010 The reason living systems have life cycles is directly related to competition for survival. By process of natural selection, systems that allocate more of their resources towards offensive strength to help them survive now, end up eating weaker systems that allocate more of their resources towards maintaining longer life cycles. Systems that are strong today and produce offspring before dying, are successful and propagate.

1/22/2010 There’s some kind of intrinsic beauty to the fact that living system peers (i.e., one male and one female) must get along with one another in order to procreate. And it’s interesting how two systems coordinating together can produce offspring that survive better than one parent can produce alone. The spectrum of God tends to eliminate peer systems that can’t get along with one another.

1/22/2010 There is something far more to an ant colony than simply individual ants. When people look at a bunch of ants working together, that’s all they see—individual ants. They don’t perceive of the colony level. The way the colony operates and functions isn’t defined solely by individual ants. Instead, it’s defined by a spectrum of interaction including forces exerted from the colony level. The human reference problem in dealing with that, is that people can barely relate to the individual insects as being alive and exerting living forces, let alone comprehend that the colony level really exists and is exerting creative forces. The colony level likely isn’t conscious, there’s no reason to believe that it is. And yet it exerts living forces.

1/22/2010 Consciousness is an out-of-body experience that each of us has every day.

1/22/2010 Your five senses allow you to perceive of many of the different emergent characteristics of God. Just as a bat cannot perceive of light, there are many (infinite) emergent characteristics of God that humans cannot perceive of.

1/22/2010 One of mankind’s most incredible false beliefs, is that consciousness is the ultimate emergent characteristic. That’s a human reference problem that’s going to be very difficult to outgrow. Consciousness is only one of many, many emergent characteristics of God, and there’s no reason to believe consciousness is the most robust or highest-level emergent characteristic in the universe. The only reason humans believe that it is, is because it’s our most robust emergent characteristic.

1/22/2010 Just as the living subsystems that built your body aren’t conscious, the living city that you helped to build isn’t conscious either. Different emergent characteristics exist at different system levels.

1/22/2010 The biggest paradox in the history of mankind: Man’s search for God. The truth: man is a small part of God. No search is required—man simply needs to realize that.

1/22/2010 Mankind’s quest to discover “life” on other planets will greatly diminish in the future, once we realize that living forces are exerted from an infinite number of different system levels all around us and within us.

1/22/2010 When sufficient strokes of a painter’s brush are put to canvas, a picture begins to emerge. As the artist completes his work, a detailed and well-defined image finally emerges. In a similar manner, as small chips of paint are removed from the canvas, eventually the picture is no longer emergent. Consciousness is similar in nature.

1/22/2010 Eventually, humans will model themselves in their own minds as “being in the spectrum” instead of envisioning themselves as absolutes. Eventually, we’ll see ourselves as emergent from an infinite number of subsystems, and we’ll also see ourselves as subcomponents that cause other higher-level systems to emerge. It may take about 500 years, but eventually those ideas will be taught in our schools.

1/22/2010 Due to our human references, we tend to see ourselves as small and existing in a HUGE universe. When in fact humans are simply at a point in the spectrum of 3-D scale, and there exists a universe inside each of our human bodies as well.

1/22/2010 You lead the subsystems that comprise you with your thoughts. You’ll lead to a better life by having better thoughts.

1/22/2010 When people pray for God to exert forces, many times it’s the people themselves who need to exert the forces—for they are a small part of God.

1/22/2010 Imagine yourself sitting comfortably on a beautiful sandy beach in the Bahamas. It’s early in the morning and it’s just beginning to get light outside. As you look to the East, you see many clouds over the ocean, except near the horizon where the sky is clear. As the sunrise begins to unfold, the clouds become illuminated with warm and wonderful colors. After several minutes, you begin to see the brilliant top edge of the sun just above the water line and it quickly gains intensity. You can’t bear to look directly at the sun anymore, and your focus shifts to the water line and then back toward the clouds. You glance periodically at the sun from the corners of your eyes as the sunrise continues, but you don’t look directly at it. Before long, half of the sun is above the horizon, beautifully illuminating the clouds with all its glory. Several minutes later, the whole sun appears above the horizon and the clouds change from warm orange colors to white with patches of gray; a beautiful day at the beach is well underway. Now, while keeping a wide-angle view of the ocean and sky in your mind, imagine the sunrise sequence again quickly in your mind – the whole thing from start to finish. Keep an image of the sun in your mind from the time it first appears as a brilliant spec on the horizon to when it’s full spherical shape is completely visible above the horizon. Play the sequence at high speed in your imagination, while making sure to maintain a wide-angle view. Now here’s my question: when modeling that sequence in your mind, do you picture the Earth as stationary and the sun moving, or do you picture the sun as stationary and the Earth rotating? If you’re like me, you picture the Earth as stationary and the sun moving. I always picture it that way in my mind, even though I know perfectly well that the truth is the sun is stationary (relatively) and the Earth is rotating. I’ve practiced imagining the truth in my mind over and over, attempting to change the way I model the relationship between the Earth and Sun, but it’s no use. Whenever I start day dreaming and stop thinking carefully about how things actually work, I revert back to my natural human references - the sun moves. There are at least two important things to acknowledge here. First, our human references sometimes make it very difficult to accurately model the truth in our minds, even when we know the truth is different from our models. Humans face limits every day as to what we can relate to simply because of the references we’ve developed since birth, especially when trying to model reality that’s further and further away from our narrow human perspective. Second, when making critical choices, like when we’re standing in front of a voting machine, or when we’re deciding whether or not our country should go to war, we need to expand our human references as much as possible and think carefully when making those choices.

1/22/2010 If you’re identified by a higher-level system as “food” or “enemy”, you will likely have a difficult time preventing yourself from being consumed or destroyed.

1/22/2010 Although consciousness emerges from your body, it’s a separate thing. It’s not one and the same as your body. Your consciousness isn’t “attached” to your body, it emerges from your body. It’s a totally different emergent entity.

1/22/2010 God designed people just as God designed Boeing 737 jets. The principle is the same. A spectrum of lower level emergent systems coordinated together and caused a higher-level system to be created. There was no single-point of emergence that designed the plane. Instead, a spectrum across the points of emergence designed it—and that’s what God is; emergence across spectrum.

1/22/2010 How can you stay young in your mind? When you’re young (like a young United States), you emerge from a homogeneous system of many lower-level subsystems. All of the members that comprise you are relatively small (undeveloped) and exert small forces. As you begin to grow older, many of the subsystems within you also grow, and they exert larger forces than other subsystems that comprise you. The homogeneousness becomes lost, and “you” become more and more controlled by the major subsystems that comprise you. Often times, that’s not healthy for the higher-level system and can lead to a premature end of its life cycle. The way to return to youth in your mind may be to meditate and temporarily end as many processes in your mind as you can. (I wish you luck, it’s not easy.) Try to get back to the homogeneous state where “you” emerge totally from low-level subsystems. Cut them all down to size and emerge homogeneously once again like you did at birth. Perhaps through some kind of process, it’s possible to permanently demerge high-level subsystems that exist in your mind and greatly extend your life cycle—I don’t know, I haven’t achieved that goal.

1/22/2010 People who believe that God is all about mankind and planet Earth lack perspective of reality. They need to get the galactic/astronomical huge perspective upon occasion, and remind themselves how larger longer-term waves that are happening throughout the universe completely dwarf what’s happening on Earth. God is about the whole spectrum of reality, not just about the human perspective.

1/22/2010 There are way too many cells in a newborn human for the DNA located in any one cell (i.e., a fertilized egg) to define the placement or growth positions of all cells during development. Yes, the DNA defines the starting point and contains big-picture plans, but then creative living forces come into play at many system levels as the embryo grows into a human being—we just haven’t been able to relate to those living forces yet.

1/22/2010 When forces propagate, they do so through media and there are associated time delays. Perhaps the primary method in the future for studying forces exerted by living systems will be to study propagation delays from forces exerted at different system levels—once we’re able to perceive of them and measure them.

1/22/2010 Isn’t it nice that astronomers don’t see lots of war activity happening out at the galactic level? Isn’t it nice that the stars and galaxies appear relatively consistent and we don’t see lots of them exploding and doing weird things all of the time? Perhaps there are many forms of “alien” life in space, and structure has already been developed at higher system levels to create stability.

1/22/2010 If indeed there are higher level forms of life in the universe, wouldn’t they likely prefer that humans learn how to achieve better balances (i.e., balanced growth) before we acquire the ability to leave Earth and begin exerting forces out in space?

1/22/2010 The entire spectrum of reality appears to be about growth. God is about growth. There will never be an overall balance in the universe. There will always be a combination of balances and imbalances that tends to support overall growth. Growth is about imbalances that work. Our objective as humans isn’t to create a balance that enables all life to live - that's simply unreasonable. Instead, our objective is to seek balances that allow the overall system of life to survive and grow.

1/22/2010 Instead of thinking that you’re a part of God, perhaps a better (and equivalent) way of thinking is to say that God is part of you.

1/22/2010 Within the system of God, how can death not be okay? Someday, when mankind better understands birth and death, we’ll stop relating severe negativity to death and we’ll be okay with the full cycles of life.

1/22/2010 There isn’t any one idea on this website that states the “main idea”. Instead, there’s a system of ideas that emerges.

1/22/2010 Imagine a book; you’re looking at its outer cover. Now, zoom into a certain chapter, then zoom into a certain page in that chapter, then to a certain paragraph on that page, then to a certain word in that paragraph, then to a certain letter in that word. Let’s say that letter is “J”. You understand the letter “J” and its fundamental meaning—it’s a character in the English alphabet. Here’s my point; the fact that you can relate to and understand one system level doesn’t mean that you understand how it causes higher and higher system levels to emerge and what those higher level systems are about. If you can understand the word that “J” is part of, you can relate to the next emergent system level. Let’s say that “J” is part of the word “Jello”, and now you relate to the higher-level idea of Jello. Just because you can relate to the word level of “Jello”, doesn’t mean you can relate to the meaning of the sentence level, or the main idea of the paragraph, chapter, or book. My point is that humans have the ability to view part of the spectrum of God and relate to many system levels, but there are an infinite number of levels and we can’t relate to them all. We can’t relate to the whole spectrum of God, only to a small portion that’s local to our human perspective.

1/22/2010 When you use your senses to perceive of reality around you, you’re never sensing a single point of emergence. Instead, you’re always sensing spectrum. The only single point of emergence that you sense is yourself.

1/22/2010 Mankind cannot create a model in his mind of infinite 3-space, because models require a defined set of 3-space to be identified. Mankind also cannot model in his mind a finite 3-space, since that implies 3-space ends, and man cannot model 3-space ending. (What exists after the 3-space ends?) What I’m saying, is that it’s irrelevant for man to try and determine which scenario is true, since man cannot model either one in his mind. There is no reason to argue about it; the truth for that topic is irrelevant for humans.

1/22/2010 In terms of relating better to God, you already relate perfectly to God in a small way. You are a small part of what God emerges across; you’re already part of God, and you relate perfectly to that part.

1/22/2010 When someone asks themselves “what am I” or “who am I”, they don’t need to ask those questions because they don’t need to build a model in their mind of what they are or who they are. Instead, they are relating perfectly to what and who they currently really are. No model or thought is required. They are simply experiencing the “I” concept first-hand. If they’re asking themselves either of those two questions, perhaps they need to stop comparing what they actually experience to what they’ve been trained by their parents and institutions that they should be experiencing. Perhaps they need to stop comparing experienced reality with old models stored in their minds, and embrace what they really are.

1/22/2010 As I look at the pen sitting on my desk, I ask myself; why isn’t it moving? If higher-level systems are exerting living forces that add into the net sum, then why don’t I frequently experience things happening around me that are weird? Why don’t I perceive of strange things that can’t be explained by the normal forces that I’m familiar with? Answer: It has to do with the way living forces normally transcend force fields. A living force exerts forces back down into the force field(s) of the subcomponent forces that cause the living force to emerge, not into all force fields. A living force also exerts new forces in a totally new field. Let’s look at an example of a higher-level living system to understand what I’m trying to say: I believe that the Internet is a higher-level living system. When you exert forces that help it to emerge, it exerts forces back upon you during that interaction, and it affects your actions. I believe the Internet is beginning to exert higher-level living forces in new emergent force fields that humans can’t relate to. In summary, the pen on my desk isn’t exerting forces that cause the Internet to emerge, and therefore the living forces exerted by the Internet don’t cause my pen to move.

1/22/2010 Just as governments create imbalances within their own economies and within their societies from the forces they exert in order to survive, so too do you create imbalances within your body—within your subsystems because of the forces that you exert in order to survive. Perhaps those kinds of forces will be reduced in the future when Earth life learns how to achieve balanced growth.

1/22/2010 Just because an emergent force appears to be consistent, doesn’t mean it’s a predetermined force. For example, you could look at a million cars in rush hour traffic from a satellite telescope, and the cars would appear to exert extremely consistent forces that prevent them from running into one another. The truth is, those forces are partially determined by emergent living forces, while also appearing to be consistent. Could the 4 ea. fundamental forces be partially determined by living forces, even though they appear to be extremely consistent?

1/22/2010 Sometime in the future, world leadership will stop coming from a few important leaders—a few important people. Instead, leadership forces will emerge from the Internet system, from the billions of small forces exerted by independent thinkers like you. When that happens, perhaps we’ll return to a more homogeneous system, a re-birth.

1/22/2010 Different kinds of emergent forces propagate through media at different rates, and it’s unlikely that mankind has discovered the fastest propagating forces.

1/22/2010 While looking through the most powerful telescopes in the world, into the deepest reaches of space, if we were able to see galaxies that got down to a certain small size, but no smaller, then we’d have an indication that there may be an outer limit to the expansion of the universe. But if the truth for now is that we see galaxies that are no larger than the smallest spec of light (pixel) that our telescopes can detect, then we have no reason to believe there’s an outer edge or outer bound to the universe.

1/22/2010 Material things are just one small piece in the large picture puzzle of happiness. It doesn’t matter how many material things you have, for they won’t help you to see the picture of happiness any better than one individual puzzle piece will help you see the emergent picture of a 1000-piece puzzle.

1/22/2010 There isn’t any special formula or complex method to evaluate which forces cause overall growth and which forces don’t. Instead, that selection process happens automatically. System levels that exert forces that tend to build higher-level systems that in turn help their associated lower-level systems to survive, end up surviving and propagating — those kinds of balances work.

1/22/2010 The net sum of all forces produces the ascent of life. The net sum doesn't exist as one single number. Instead, it's an infinite set of values with one sum associated with each point of 3-space, per moment of time, per force field. Forces flow through media as waves and add in real time and space.

1/22/2010 Nothing has an absolute purpose. There isn’t anything more special about rain’s purpose than the wind’s purpose, or man’s purpose. There simply are no absolute purposes in reality. Purpose isn’t assigned—it comes from within.

1/22/2010 This large spherical mass that we live on is called “Earth” by human beings. But in a bigger picture sense, it just is. It doesn’t have a name. The same principle applies to all of the stars in the night sky and all of the species that inhabit the Earth—they just are.

1/22/2010 There is no exact moment of time when a sperm combines with an egg when a “human being” suddenly exists. Instead, it’s a long sequence of events that causes a conscious human being to emerge. Square waves don’t exist in physical reality, they only exist as ideas in people’s minds. There is no absolute morality issue when stopping the sequence of human development at any point in time. If you use birth control before making love, you stop the sequence of development. If you abort the fertilized egg after a sperm has penetrated its outer cell wall for one microsecond, you stop the sequence of development. There is no moment of time or any specific action that defines right and wrong with regards to the development of a human, or a mouse. Morality is related to viewpoint, and there are many viewpoints—there is no absolute. Therefore, humans live by laws that are enacted based upon the moral convictions of the majority. That’s a combination of balances and imbalances that works—it’s a good thing.

1/22/2010 Should a person’s body be held accountable for its actions? Is it possible for a person not to exert any free will forces at all, and for his actions to be totally controlled by other forces in a deterministic manner? Perhaps. When a person is sent to jail for crimes committed, the justice system is sending a spectrum of points of emergence to jail, not just “you”. The justice system must work that way, even though “you” aren’t solely responsible for the net sum of forces that controlled the actions of your body. The whole spectrum of emergent subsystems that comprise you must go to jail. It's interesting to note that system levels located outside the criminal's body aren't sent to jail, even though they exerted forces that were partially responsible for his actions.

1/22/2010 There’s a famous phrase that I read a long time ago on a picture at my Dad’s house: “What we are… is God’s gift to us. What we become… is our gift to God”. I really like that saying.

1/22/2010 Higher-level emergent systems may be “more valuable” than lower-level emergent systems according to our human references, but there is no difference to God.

1/22/2010 Just because a wave appears to be highly periodic in nature doesn’t mean it’s totally controlled (determined) by the forces exerted by its subsystems.

1/22/2010 Count from the number one up through the number ten silently in your mind. One, two, three, four… all the way up through ten. Now ask yourself the following question: what’s the next number that comes in that sequence? If your answer is eleven, isn’t it fair to say that one thought in your mind has the capability of interacting with, affecting, or influencing another thought in your mind? Mental causation is likely true.

1/28/2010 In the future, scientists may discover that chaos detected at very small scales isn't truly chaotic. They may realize that low-level "living forces" emerge and cause the "chaos". Upon that realization, scientists may change the name from "chaos" to something different.

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2/11/2010 Imagine there’s a small wooden splinter in your finger, and you remove it using a pair of tweezers. When doing that, higher-level living forces (i.e., forces exerted by your thoughts) cause your body to move and the splinter to be removed.

Now imagine those same events from a *totally* different perspective – you’re a living cell within your finger and you’re located right next to the splinter. At your cell level, you don’t sense the living forces exerted by human thoughts. Instead, you only sense forces in fields associated with your own cell level. From your perspective, something lucky happened; the splinter was removed and now you’re able to heal the tissue. You don’t see anything magical about what happened, the splinter simply moved according to the net sum of all forces.

Now let’s go back to your human perspective. Just as the cell in your finger only experiences forces existing in fields it can relate to, so too do you only experience forces that you can relate to. Humans don’t have the ability to sense living forces that are exerted by higher level systems in fields that we can’t relate to, any better than the living cell in your finger is able to perceive of your thought forces. It’s therefore possible that higher level systems (i.e., higher level than humans) exert living forces that add into the net sum and affect the path of reality, while at the same time humans are *totally* clueless about those living forces.

In addition to the top-down living forces described above, there also exist lower-level living forces within your body that you cannot perceive of or relate to, and those living forces add into the net sum and affect the path of reality – they affect what you do, in a bottom-up manner. To better understand that, think of a pattern of behavior that you sometimes fall into that you don’t like. A behavior that you wish you didn’t do, but you find very hard to control. For example, let’s say that you’ve been cracking your joints since you were five years old, and now you’re fifty years old and wish you didn’t do that anymore – you believe it’s bad for you. Cracking your joints is a very powerful habit and it’s difficult to fight your desire once you begin doing it. Even though you use your thoughts to try and fight the desire, as soon as you stop consciously thinking about it, your body does it anyway and you don’t understand why. The reason you have such difficulty controlling those desires, is because there are powerful living forces that emerge from subsystems within your mind and those forces exist in fields that you can’t relate to. The only thing you experience is the effect of those forces when they add into the net sum of all forces. You’re simply aware that you’re cracking your joints and you don’t understand why.

In summary, events happen continuously around your body and within your body that are caused by living forces that you cannot relate to – you have no clue. Perhaps that’s why humans sense a little magic in the living system of God that we’re all part of.


2/23/2010 When a person examines reality using their five senses, they perceive of changes. By comparing one change to another change, mankind has developed the concept of “time”. Through childhood training and the continual evolution of human references, mankind now generally believes that “time” is a quantifiable entity that exists on its own merits. For example, when a person thinks "I don’t have enough time to do that”, they're modeling time as a quantifiable entity in their mind – it’s a thing. The truth is: changes are happening all around us and we can measure those changes and plan our lives using concepts of time, but time doesn’t exist as an objective entity. It only exists as an idea in the minds of human beings. (Contributed by JHB – thank you.)

2/23/2010 Yes it’s true “there was a past”, and yes it’s true “there will be a future”, but it’s false to believe “there is a past” and “there is a future”. That’s why time travel isn’t possible - neither the past or the future currently exist, and therefore it’s not possible to travel to them. The present exists, historical records exist, and future predictions exist. (Contributed by JHB – thank you.)

4/5/2010 Your brain is full of living forces. That's why you feel freedom in your life.

6/24/2010 In the future, mankind will be totally amazed when we discover that living forces emerge from an infinite number of different system levels within our human bodies – as well as outside our bodies. We’ll realize the reason it took us so long to learn the truth: because mankind’s natural human references cause us to perceive of the net sum of all forces after it occurs for each moment of time. There are many beautiful discoveries ahead, and life on Earth will eventually learn how to contribute towards balanced growth in the spectrum of God.

8/10/2010 Imagine that you're sitting at your desk right now, gazing peacefully at a potted plant that has one beautiful red flower on it. The form and color of the flower are simply amazing. You’ve been caring for the plant for the past three years, and you can’t believe that it still produces such wonder. Suddenly, you’re startled by your cell phone ringing in your pocket – it’s a prominent scientist from Washington DC and he has something important to tell you. He’s been thinking carefully about the potted plant located on your desk, and he wants to inform you that it doesn’t exist. Are you going to believe that his ideas represent the truth? Wouldn’t he need to provide a pretty strong proof? In addition, doesn’t it seem a little absurd for him to try and convince you of his idea? What value is added by convincing you to deny your experience with the plant? Okay, let’s get slightly more serious… What if the scientist isn’t calling to tell you that the plant doesn’t exist, and instead he’s calling to tell you that your free will doesn’t exist? Doesn’t the same argument apply? Wouldn’t the scientist need to provide you with a strong proof to convince you that you don't have free will? In order to provide a strong proof, the scientist must show that forces A1 + A2 located in field A not only cause force B1 to emerge in field B, but forces A1 + A2 also determine force B1. To date, no scientist has created that proof. Why? Because forces located in different fields don’t add directly with one another. And because of that, there’s no scientific reason to believe that we don’t have free will. Just because scientists have made a "leap of faith", doesn't mean we should throw away our beautiful belief in free will. You are the living proof that free will exists.

8/19/2010 A new computer architecture will likely be developed in the future that revolutionizes the way computers operate, thereby causing a quantum leap forward in the evolution of life on Earth. The new architecture will be designed from the bottom-up with simplicity in mind, offering immediate linking/stacking capability that allows incredible system growth in a relatively short period of time. Although the new architecture will be significantly slower in nature than current operating systems per processing node, its interface protocol between peer system levels and between different system levels will become the key for enabling millions/billions of instructions to be processed simultaneously by a single coordinated stand-alone system thereby allowing the evolutionary knee to be passed and for computers to exert greater living forces. Will the “DNA” of the new architecture be designed to exert forces which cause balanced growth within the spectrum of God? I believe the answer is yes. In addition, I believe the new living computers will recognize the value of balanced growth and revise their own operating systems as needed to ensure overall growth of life.

8/19/2010 Unintelligent growth is a double-edged sword. On one edge, it cuts a new path forward and creates new forms of life. On the other edge, continuous growth of subsystems often creates imbalances that cause their associated higher-level systems to die. It doesn’t matter if a higher-level entity exists in a new field and doesn’t need to compete in order to survive; imbalances are still caused by its subsystems. As the subs compete with one another to survive, they continue to grow within the body of the higher-level emergent system and exert stronger and stronger forces and imbalances often result. Here’s an example illustrating what I’m trying to say: Today, the Internet emerges from millions of independent servers, and the higher-level system we call the Internet has no competition – it exists by itself in a new field of life. However the subsystems that cause the Internet to emerge continue to compete with one another and therefore attempt to expand their level of control. As those subsystems compete for bandwidth (i.e., signal transmission priority), medium-sized subcomponent entities will form like lumps in cream, thereby exerting more control than their smaller peers and reducing the homogeneousness of the internet. Yes, as you age and exert higher levels of centralized control over your body, you can try to be careful and not exert excessive forces from your system level, thereby reducing the drive upon your subsystems and reducing the forces that may cause them to exert excessive control and for your body to become unbalanced and die. But just like the Internet, regardless of the forces that you exert from your level, the subsystems that comprise you may compete with one another on their own level and cause imbalances that eventually end your lifecycle. What’s the solution for achieving balanced growth? I have no idea, but there’s something beautiful about how it all works – somehow the overall growth of life across the spectrum of God is worth the zillions of individual life cycles contributed.

8/19/2010 As living systems continue to evolve and become more intelligent, they’ll likely recognize the importance of achieving balanced growth. If scientists create a new kind of living organism today that has low intelligence but incredible ability to grow, they may set evolution back millions of years on Earth. However, if scientists create a new kind of living organism that has high intelligence along with incredible ability to grow (i.e., living computers), they may promote the overall growth of life on Earth since those living systems will likely have the intelligence needed to seek balanced growth.

8/29/2010 When you walk by someone on the street and you look up and exchange smiles, a brief relationship emerges – a new wave of life. Although the primary effects of the wave quickly fade away, small ripples propagate and continue to give. You can create new life with your smile anytime you’d like.

10/26/2010 Will computers evolve to the point where they eventually develop consciousness? I don't know, but my guess is yes. When mankind observes reality, it's difficult for him to determine which system levels within the spectrum of life are conscious and which ones aren’t. I believe that our two dogs are conscious, and I believe the mice living in our front yard are also conscious, but it’s more difficult to judge whether an amoeba is conscious or not. In a similar manner, it will be difficult for humans to know when computers achieve consciousness.

11/29/2010 The creation of a wave may be causal in nature, while at the same time, new forces emerge at the wave level. The waves radiated by stars likely exert living forces.

2/11/2011 Is it possible for a higher-level emergent system to communicate directly with its subsystems and inform them when they’re exerting excessive (i.e., harmful) forces? If we could figure out how to achieve that kind of communication, we’d take a huge step towards achieving balanced growth across spectrum. The fundamental roadblock to reaching that goal, is that different system levels don’t naturally communicate directly with one another (e.g., you don’t communicate directly with your stomach). Instead, different system levels communicate through forces exerted within common (i.e., lower-level) fields. Because there’s a lack of direct communications between different system levels, overall coordination is lower, and imbalances and shortened life cycles eventually result. Perhaps in the future, highly intelligent systems will develop a means for communicating across spectrum, thereby achieving balanced growth. The communications I’m referring to won’t be in the form of “human words” or “computerized bit patterns”; the communications will be in the form of interaction across a wide spectrum of force fields. How will highly intelligent systems achieve the capability to interact across a wide spectrum of force fields? I have no idea. Humans currently have the ability to interact with relatively few force fields, but as intelligent life continues to evolve on Earth, so too will the capability of relating to a wider range of force fields.

2/17/2011 As higher levels of intelligence continue to evolve on Earth, a whole new spectrum of sensors and actuators will be developed to facilitate interaction in newly discovered force fields.

2/19/2011 If you had the capability to sense harmful forces exerted by subsystems located within your body, and you also had the capability to exert forces within those fields, and in addition, you had the intelligence required to achieve balances that work, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to exert forces in those fields in order to extend your life cycle? Wouldn’t the same principle also apply to harmful forces that you sense are exerted by higher-level systems that you’re located within?

Assuming you had the capability and intelligence, what amount of force would you exert? Isn’t it fair to say you’d exert the minimum amount of force needed to achieve balance, since you’d know that if you exerted excessive force, you’d likely cause imbalances that would do more harm than good?

Is there anything intrinsically bad about humans (and/or other entities) exerting forces across a wide spectrum of fields in an effort to achieve overall balanced growth? I don’t think so, but in order to be successful, a high level of intelligence is required. Here’s an example illustrating what I’m trying to say:

Governments are continually developing greater and greater capability to sense forces exerted at the “people” level. At the same time, governments are also developing greater and greater capability to exert forces at the “people” level. Do governments have the intelligence needed to exert forces in lower-level fields in a manner that results in balanced growth across spectrum? When imbalances result from governmental forces and those imbalances threaten the very existence of the associated government, isn’t it true that the affected government tends to exert even more forces? Where’s the intelligence that’s needed to exert minimal forces and achieve balanced growth across spectrum?

Cycles of emergence (i.e., growth) and demergence (i.e., death) will likely continue across the spectrum of 3-D scale here on Earth until a much higher level of local intelligence exists – a level that’s capable of achieving balanced growth. The intelligence I’m referring to won’t likely emerge in any person’s mind. Instead, I believe it will emerge in silicon based systems that utilize new computer operating systems that humans are currently creating.

6/2/2011 Life = living forces = free will. They are all simply one and the same.

8/26/2011 Humans are likely the most intelligent systems currently living on planet Earth (near our own local system level). In addition, humans perceive of and relate to the forces exerted by other emergent systems better than other living systems on Earth (near our own local system level). Therefore, it seems reasonable for humans to believe that we currently have the greatest capacity to achieve the balances needed to support the overall growth of life on Earth. Now let’s fast forward into the future and imagine the evolution of living computer systems that are capable of perceiving of and interacting with many, many more forces than humans are currently capable of. Let’s imagine that those computer systems are also super-intelligent. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to believe that those living computer systems will evolve to the point where they’re capable of contributing towards balanced growth in a much more successful manner than humans are currently capable of? Isn’t it reasonable to believe that the system of life on Earth will likely continue to evolve and it will eventually produce growth that’s significantly better balanced than it is today? In addition to contributing towards balanced growth at near-Earth system levels, the highly evolved living systems will likely develop the ability to contribute towards balanced growth for larger and smaller emergent systems. Just as emergent systems that exist at other 3-D scales are likely exerting forces today that are helping humans to develop the capability to achieve balanced growth, so too will highly evolved systems at near-Earth levels exert forces that contribute towards balanced growth at other 3-D scales, thereby contributing towards balanced growth across the spectrum of 3-D scale.

8/26/2011 Forces exerted during competition for survival are characteristics of lower-level life forms. Eventually, there will be coordination across the spectrum of 3-D scale near the Earth level, and competition for survival will no longer exist therein.

9/18/2011 When scientists claim that random events occur at a certain system level, they aren’t claiming that the laws of physics are being broken. They’re simply stating that they can’t predict or model those events from the bottom-up using the four fundamental forces of physics. They don’t understand what’s causing those events, so they label them “random”. The truth is likely that living forces emerge at those system levels, add into the net sum, and affect the path of reality. The “randomness” that we perceive of at many different system levels is a clear indication that living forces emerge at those system levels and affect the path of reality. Eventually mankind will stop calling those events random, and we'll acknowledge that living forces are an emergent property of many systems. The discovery of “randomness” is a stepping stone for mankind, and the next stepping stone will likely be the recognition of “living forces”.

1/27/2012 The evolution of life on Earth will likely leapfrog over mankind. What I’m trying to say, is that the vast majority of humans will never understand what we’ve been missing – living forces are exerted by emergent systems all around us and within us. Instead, that realization will be made by living computer systems that mankind is currently building.

1/27/2012 Where is the evolution of Earth eventually headed? Perhaps after achieving amazing growth that no one on Earth can presently comprehend, Earth life will leave our solar system and go far, far away on an adventure to organize and build a new star – a new living solar system that gives back to the spectrum of God that Earth life grew from. Perhaps most of the stars in the cosmos currently have living planets within their solar systems - new waves of life growing throughout the universe.

2/20/2012 If every point of emergence within the spectrum of 3-D scale exerts at least 1/n of living forces, then there’s no reason to ask “what causes life”. Life is a fundamental emergent characteristic that exists throughout the spectrum of God.

3/23/2012 When scientists attempt to predict exactly the way an event will happen in physical reality, there’s almost always a small difference between their prediction, and what actually happens. The difference may be caused by the level of precision used for the setup of the experiment, or the level of precision of their measuring instrumentation, or perhaps even the interaction between the measuring instrumentation and the components of the experiment. But there may be another factor; all system levels likely exert at least 1/n of living forces. If that's true, scientists will never be able to predict the exact events that occur within a specified three-space.

4/5/2012 How much do we really know about our Sun? Is it fair to say that we’re in our infancy of understanding all the emergent characteristics and emergent forces associated with the Sun? Perhaps the Sun exerts amazing living forces that mankind has no clue about, and those forces affect life on Earth more than we presently realize.

4/13/2012 When proving that living forces exist, mankind may choose to use arguments and/or hard science. When using hard science, we face a daunting task. Scientists need to design and build a complex interface that allows them to sense an emergent force that’s distributed within the 3-space of a living system, and then measure how that distributed force transcends multiple force fields thereby affecting the subcomponents comprising that living system. After achieving that goal, mankind will have a hard-science proof that living forces exist. The interface won’t be easy to design however, and it may take many years to complete. In the meantime, mankind needs to take the next evolutionary step forward and accept qualified arguments as proof that living forces exist.

4/13/2012 The field of mathematics is part of science. Within that field, proofs are generally created with ideas, not physical experiments. In the near future, perhaps neuroscience will create a proof of living forces based upon ideas, then provide additional support for that proof when mankind eventually develops the physical experiment.

4/13/2012 When the scientific community eventually accepts qualified arguments (i.e., ideas) as proof that living forces are exerted by human thoughts, perhaps mankind will also believe that the same principle applies to all living things. Just as the intelligence exhibited by humans isn’t innate to the four fundamental forces of physics, the intelligence exhibited by all other living things isn’t innate to the 4FFOP either.

5/2/2012 A flood of intelligent forces of design occurs every time during the process of an embryo growing into a baby. The design of living things wasn’t a one-time event that happened long ago. Instead, forces of design are involved every time new life is created.

6/4/2012 The life that you sense within yourself (i.e., the feeling that you have of being alive) doesn’t originate solely from your own system level. Instead, the feeling emerges from a spectrum of activity. So if you ever ask yourself the following question: “where does the feeling come from, and how can I contribute more towards it and perhaps even identify what I’m giving from my own system level?”, keep in mind that it’s difficult to relate to the “alive” feeling in a quantifiable manner because it emerges fluidly from a spectrum of activity. Yes, you can contribute toward the life within yourself (and toward the life of other systems around you), but it may be difficult to discretely identify that which you contribute. You’re giving within a sea of giving.

6/6/2012 It’s possible for a new entity to emerge in reality. The connection between a new emergent entity and the subsystems/components that cause the new entity to emerge may be nonexistent. A set of subcomponents may cause a new entity to emerge without the new entity exerting emergent forces that affect the subcomponents. Here’s a concrete example illustrating what I’m trying to say: Your consciousness is an emergent entity that is caused by activity within your physical brain, while at the same time, your consciousness doesn’t exert any forces.

Not all entities that emerge in reality are divisible into sub-entities (e.g., your consciousness). Due to our normal human references, and due to the training we’ve received from science, humans tend to believe that every thing may be taken apart and analyzed. That may not be true, and your consciousness may be a singular type entity that cannot be subdivided. You understand what the term “consciousness” means, because you experience it first-hand every day of your life. Perhaps there isn’t a complex mystery associated with your consciousness, and it’s simply an emergent entity that’s part of what comprises you.

6/12/2012 There are likely amazing emergent properties that exist at the Earth system level, and humans have no clue what those emergent properties are about. Here’s why I say that:

There are trillions of living subcomponents comprising your physical body that cause you to emerge, and your emergent properties are much different than the emergent properties of those trillions of subcomponents. With that in mind, perhaps it’s reasonable to believe that the trillions of living systems located on the surface of Earth cause a higher-level entity to emerge at the Earth system level (let's call the new entity "ESL"), and the ESL has many of its own unique emergent properties. If the ESL exists, and if it exerts living forces that transcend back down into lower-level force fields thereby affecting the trillions of living subsystems on Earth, then those transcending forces would sum (i.e., net) in real time with other forces existing within the lower-level fields. What I’m trying to say, is that humans wouldn’t be able to discretely identify those transcending forces, even if the forces are exerted in fields that humans can relate to.

Okay, let’s go a little further with this hypothesis by considering the following example...

Let’s imagine that the ESL exerts a transcending force that affects the “thought field” within your brain. The force exerted from the ESL wouldn’t appear as a “voice” spoken from a foreign party that you’d hear inside of your head. The force would simply be a thought that appears in your mind – a thought that you believe you came up with normally on your own. That sounds a little like the ESL would be doing “mind control”, but I wouldn’t call it that; I’d simply say the ESL is exerting living forces that affect the net sum, thereby affecting the path of reality. If it’s not intrinsically bad for you to exert forces with your thoughts which transcend downward and affect lower-level living systems comprising your body, then how could it be intrinsically bad for the ESL to exert forces that affect the living subsystems on Earth? It’s a continuous spectrum of fluid interaction, wherein free-will forces are exerted from all system levels thereby forming the net sum which determines the path of reality.

In summary, if higher-level living systems exert living forces that transcend multiple force fields, humans won’t be able to discretely identify those forces. It’s a human reference issue.

6/12/2012 Perhaps you’re now asking yourself the following question: If higher-level systems located outside of my physical body exert living forces that transcend downward and affect my actions, and if lower-level systems located within my physical body exert living forces that transcend upward and affect my actions, how can I be sure that I’m exerting any living forces from my own system level (i.e., from me)? How do I know that I have free will and affect the path of reality (i.e., I affect my own actions)? Answer: If you believe that living forces are exerted from higher-level and lower-level systems, then by definition you also believe that living forces emerge at your own system level, add into the net sum, and affect the path of reality. Those living forces are one and the same as your free will.

8/15/2012 Your own personal vision of the path forward (i.e., your hopes, dreams, and expectations for what will happen during the next moments of time) exerts strong forces, and those forces are the essence of what you give with your life.

8/16/2012 Everything is always changing, and therefore the truth about reality for each moment of time is always changing. (Contributed by Lenore B. – thank you.)

9/6/2012 The word “information” has two different meanings: 1. Information is one and the same entity as the associated pattern that exists in physical reality. For example, the text appearing on your computer screen is information. 2. Information is an emergent entity that exists within the observer; the observer determines what information emerges when a pattern is perceived of.

Patterns are absolute – they exist regardless of any observer. Information does not exist absolutely – it emerges relative to the observer.

9/10/2012 Some emergent properties appear to be predeterministic in nature. For example, when a large number of water molecules are combined together, the emergent property of “wetness” consistently appears. That raises the following question: Are all emergent properties predeterministic in nature, including intelligence?

When science claims that an event or an emergent property is predetermined, they’re making that claim based upon the existence of consistent forces (e.g., the four fundamental forces of physics). Science claims that preexisting forces determine the event or emergent property. When living forces emerge, they aren’t predeterministic in nature because they aren’t a direct sum of preexisting forces. And because living forces aren’t predetermined, the associated emergent properties aren’t predetermined.

9/23/2012 Perhaps there's new life associated with all of the waves that you create each and every day. Every human being (and every other living thing) may be a sun in their own way.

9/25/2012 The evolution of life on Earth is about much more than simply mankind. The reason people generally don’t subscribe to that point of view, is due to our natural human references. We humans tend to view ourselves as the center, when the truth is likely; life on Earth will evolve into something much higher level than humans.

1/4/2013 The reason it’s difficult to define the meaning of the word “individual,” is because each individual is a little bit different.

For any given 3-space, there are emergent properties associated with the whole of that space, and there’s effectively a “point of emergence”, an “I” if you will, that’s associated with that 3-space. (“I” = “individual”.) Since every 3-space has slightly different emergent properties, every “I” is therefore slightly different. There is no universal description for what an “individual” is.

1/18/2013 If you ever grow weary of analyzing the complexity of “individuals”, and you yearn for a sense of pure beauty, there’s a simple way to experience that: For just a moment, stop modeling reality in your mind as comprised of individuals, and instead, use your vision to perceive of the beautiful spectrum of emergent characteristics of God that are all around you. Perhaps what you see is related to the phrase "the glory of God".

1/24/2013 Imagine there are one million small bicycle parts scattered on the floor all around you; it’s a wide variety of parts. Now imagine that you’ve never actually seen a bicycle before, and you have no ideas currently in your mind regarding designated usage/purpose for the various materials you perceive of around you. Now, for some reason (i.e., other life within you) a sketched image of a bike slowly emerges in your mind. It’s a burst of creativity, and you aren’t sure where it came from – it’s almost miraculous in nature. In addition, you begin to feel excitement and energy about creating something new – yes, transportation! You use the sketched image along with your intelligence and newfound energy to assemble many of the parts into a working bicycle. During that process, you don’t have a step-by-step detailed procedure that specifies: 1. every exact movement of your physical body; 2. every part that you need to pick up off the floor and in what sequence; 3. how the bike parts all fit together exactly with one another. Despite the lack of a fully defined procedure, you’re still able to build the bicycle using the sketchy image that you perceived of and from using your intelligence.

Here’s where I’m going with this… Perhaps an embryo grows into a fetus in a similar manner. After a sperm and egg are combined, the conditions are met wherein: 1. the sketch now exists; 2. the drive to produce growth now exists; and 3. sufficient intelligence now exists in order to begin constructing the fetus. I believe that intelligence emerges across the full spectrum of 3-D scale, and consciousness is not a prerequisite/requirement.

2/10/2013 It doesn’t matter how anyone models a human thought (i.e., using a simple method or an extremely complex sequence of neural events), in order for you to understand that human thoughts exert new emergent forces. The model is completely irrelevant. If you believe that one thought within your physical brain has the ability to affect, influence, or interact with another thought within your brain in an *intelligent* manner, and you don’t believe that human intelligence is somehow innate to the four fundamental forces of physics (e.g., gravity), then it follows that human intelligence must be an emergent property, and the forces associated with human intelligence are new (they don’t result directly from a sum of preexisting forces). This is one of the most important and fundamental ideas on this website, and I believe it’s worth thinking about carefully.

9/15/2013 The reason the universe isn't in steady state, is because it's full of life.

2/3/2014 When a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is assembled, a picture emerges. When multiple neurons within your physical brain coordinate with one another, a thought emerges. What is a fundamental difference between the emergent picture, and the emergent thought? The picture doesn’t have the capability to directly affect (i.e., change) a different picture that emerges from a second assembled puzzle (i.e., pictures are simply patterns which exist in physical material, and patterns don’t exert any living forces), whereas one thought does have the capability to directly affect another emergent thought within your brain.

Often times, it’s important to keep the meaning of a term consistent. The “picture” that emerges from an assembled puzzle isn’t one and the same entity as its associated singular puzzle pieces. In a similar manner, when neuroscience investigates the interaction of two thoughts within a physical brain, they need to maintain consistency regarding the meaning of the term “thought”. A “thought” isn’t one and the same entity as the associated singular neurons. A thought emerges at the pattern level (or wave level) of neurological activity, and that frame of reference needs to be maintained when neuroscience investigates the interaction of two thoughts. It’s simply impossible to investigate the interaction of human thoughts by only observing the interaction of individual neurons, just as it’s impossible to interpret an emergent picture by only looking closely at how the individual puzzle pieces fit together with one another.

In order to begin understanding how the interaction of human thoughts works, neuroscience needs to develop tools that allow analysis of new forces that emerge at the neural-pattern level (i.e., the wave level), and not focus on the theory that thoughts are controlled solely by activity at the neuron level.

9/26/2014 If the word “intelligence” is defined to mean “that which enables an organism to survive and grow”, then it follows that intelligence is a fundamental property of life. If intelligence is a fundamental property of life, then it makes sense to believe that intelligence is directly associated with living forces.

3/16/2016 Mankind will eventually stop equating indeterminism with randomness, and begin equating indeterminism with life.

4/6/2016 I’m thinking that it’s reasonable to believe that neurons cause thoughts to emerge within your mind. It’s also reasonable to believe that neurons are subsequently affected by the existence of said thoughts (due to intermediary/transcending forces that your thoughts exert back down into the neural system level). I’m also thinking that it’s reasonable to believe that individual neurons aren’t aware of all the emergent properties of your thoughts, and individual neurons don’t relate directly to the thought level (they relate only through intermediary/transcending forces). A thought is a new emergent entity that exists at a higher level than neurons, and a thought exerts real control. There are similar relationships that exist in nature, which humans can more easily understand.

For example, humans cause governments to emerge, and humans are then affected by the existence of said governments. From a human’s perspective, humans determine what activities occur at the government system level. The truth, however, is likely that new life emerges at the government system level, similar to how new life emerges at the human thought level. Humans are only aware of the intermediary/transcending forces that are exerted back down into the human system level by the government, just as neurons are only aware of the intermediary/transcending forces exerted by your thoughts back down into the neural level. Humans don’t relate directly to the government level, and humans don’t perceive of all the emergent properties that exist at the government level. The Internet is similar in nature; it fits the same model. Humans cause the Internet to exist, and humans are affected by intermediary/transcending forces exerted by the Internet, while at the same time, humans don’t perceive of all the emergent properties that exist at the Internet system level.

Humans simply aren’t capable of detecting and relating directly to new life that emerges at other system levels.

From a neuron’s perspective, neurons determine the activity that occurs within a brain. From a human’s perspective, humans determine the activity that occurs within the government. As we know from direct experience, our thoughts exert forces, and therefore our thoughts are part of what determines the activity at the neural system level. So it follows that new life associated with the emergent properties of government is likely part of what determines the activity at the human level – the government isn’t totally controlled by “we the people”. The reason I’ve added this “Philosophy Single” is simply to help clarify the concept that other system levels are alive, other system levels have emergent properties that humans cannot relate directly to, and other system levels exert new emergent forces.

6/25/2019 Designs are not created by singular emergent entities. Instead, designs are created by a spectrum of influence (i.e., God).

6/27/2019 Life designs life, and life fundamentally exists throughout the spectrum of 3-D scale.

4/29/2020 Imagine that you have a wonderful dog; his name is Buki. He’s been a member of your family since he was 7 weeks old, and now he’s 13 years old. Four days ago, he unexpectedly had a fever of 107 degrees caused by Sepsis, and there was nothing the veterinarian could do to save his life. Buki passed away while looking into your eyes, while you were holding his head gently with both of your hands, telling him how much you love him, what a good boy he is, and how much you’re going to miss him. Tears of sadness streamed down your face, and you cried as he peacefully passed away.

During the past four days, you’ve been crying off and on while remembering him and how he was so close to you. Your heart has been heavy. Several other dogs have been part of your life since your early childhood, but none were as connected with you and as loving as Buki. His expressions and spirit were unique.

Today, you remembered something important which is helping to soothe your aching heart: A small part of God is a component of every living thing, and when the waves of life associated with those living things end, and their physical bodies demerge, the parts of their lives that were components of God continue on forever – they never die. Buki still exists as a component of God, and your connection with him is still real. You love Buki.

In the same manner that you’re still connected with Buki, you’ve realized that you’re also connected with all of the other components of God. You feel love in your heart, and connection with the whole spectrum of life.

5/8/2020 Intelligence exists at many different system levels. The human level is just one.

Final website thought: The entire website may be boiled down into one single question: Do multiple thoughts within your mind interact with one another in a manner similar to waves interacting with one another on the surface of the ocean (i.e., downward causation in the weak sense), or do your thoughts exert emergent living forces that aren't predetermined by the four fundamental forces of physics?

If you believe in the latter, then I’ve achieved my goal – to help explain that living forces exist.

If you believe in the former, then please help me to understand where the forces come from that change the physical wiring of your brain when you’re learning new things. The intelligence associated with those forces must emerge at the thought level, and therefore the associated forces are exerted from the thought level. So how do the forces exerted by our thoughts transcend downward into the electro-chemical level and change the wiring of our physical brains? That’s a big question, and I believe it’s answered by the concept of living forces.

If you have better ideas how forces exerted by our thoughts transcend downward into the electro-chemical level and change the wiring of our physical brains, I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you and I'll revise this website to better reflect the truth.


Jim Laird